aruki (aruki) wrote,

It's All Thanks to the GazettE

Haha, no seriously, they must have been one of my inspirations for the Orals, and one of the reasons why I passed. I was only listening to Stacked Rubbish and Guren the whole time I read my copies of pathophysiology of 68++ diseases. I wasn't able to finish re-reading all of them in one sitting and it was utterly a miracle for me to be able to pass.

My mind's a bit in chaos right now; maybe it's because I'm positively elated at how things transpired. I'm actually lost for words, and the only thing I can say right now is that I'm grateful for your prayers and for everybody's support. And I suppose God comes on the top of the list, haha!

I'll direct you to my Multiply where I posted first: I DUNNO WHAT TO SAY.

Currently listening: the GazettE - Chizuru
Currently feeling: ELATED!!!!!

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