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I'm Not in the Mood

Well, for the most part of the week, I've been seeing blogs about the Oral Revalida aftermath. But I don't know; I'm just not in the mood to talk abut it. I didn't fail, thank goodness, but I just can't seem to find the right words nor the right swing to start writing about it. In them meantime, I'll burn my <strike>brain</strike> eyes out as I try to finish downloading ELLEGARDEN's whole albums and singles, complete the GazettE's discography (which are leeched from a site of whole J-music galore), and finish the rotting "literary works" in my laptop while waiting.

Oh, upcoming event this October 12: Cosplay Mania @ Megatrade Hall 3, SM Megamall. My sentiments? Well, first off, Yuki-chan isn't sure whether she'd be able to attend the event, which leaves me having second thoughts about costripping again as Miku, this time from the Magnya Carta cover. Yes; it won't be as fun without her.

Secondly, setting that costrip issue aside, I'm broke... and here I am planning to buy a total of four shirts from the TuxTeam. How am I supposed to do that?! Meeh, if I could just bribe them with tons of [melamine-free] chocolates, I'd be more than happy to have even just one tee. But I guess that's impossible.

Third, and last, I guess. Well, it's not exactly a sentiment... more than a trivial concern. I don't know whom I'll be with during that day without Yuki-chan. I mean, Leigh said I could, like, join their group if I'm having solo flights, but the thing is that I'm not sure I fit in. I mean I'm this utterly reserve-type of a person who has trouble building up rapport with other people (makes me wonder how I survived all those bedside moments), especially if they aren't the people I'm too close with. Not that they aren't my friends or something... Ah, gah, I can't explain it!

Kairee-san will be there; and we can finally see each other again after--what--6 months since last Ozine. Haha! Kairee-san!! Joo will receive lotsa Jrock (but seriously, Yuki-chan has more collections than I do.. no kidding)~ I doubt I'll stay long with her and KnK then because they'll be having group cosplay again. So, that leaves me on solo flight again.

Natsumi-chan isn't sure about attending the event, either. She's kinda busy and I suppose there's another anime-unrelated that she's supposed to attend. Aww, that's saaaaad.

As for Ali-chan... well, I heard she and her sister are going as characters from ParaKiss; I just don't know who they'll be, since I haven't watched nor read the manga. Poor me. Anyway.. speaking of her sister, Tammy-chan.. well, I'm so sorrrrryyyyyyy.. I promise I'll finish my task right away! I'm such a slacker, I know... Forgive me!!!! I'll make it up to you, I promise!

Yeah, so there. I guess I'll waste this space in my journal/blog with too much of nonsensical words.

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