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...according to my friends. Haha! Despite the utterly, impossibly imperfect, full of flaw haori and samue thatI wore yesterday for H3Con: The Amped Edition, I still had fun. Okay,that was blunt. But I can't put my finger on a term that willaccurately describe what I felt yesterday as I walked around the venuewith my friend/P.A. a.k.a. Arakz and her brother Marvs (or Homurataisento most).

But first, let me share what happened before we went to Silvercity for HeroCon.

Lizand I went to Komikon first just to at least have an idea what it lookslike, or how things go in the said event. I didn't expect it to be sojampacked that there was almost no room to roam around! It had been funto see Rikki-san/Ikotron and Lui-san again! Gawd, it's been ages sinceI last saw them and it was just... gah, I can't explain it! That aside,there were these old "senseis" (I guess) who were masters in doingportrait/realism that Liz's eyes and mine were glued to them for like,four--no, maybe five--minutes as they did their jobs. Seeing them dothat makes me want to try it too... but I'm such a sucker for arts, Ithink it's impossible.

Oh, the Culture Crash team were there(along with the legendary [?] Taga-Ilog's bucket which I managed totake picture of, haha!)... and it was just so nostalgic to see the oldcomics there again.

[OOT - reminiscing] I remember the olddays, the first convention I ever attended--C3Con--back in third yearhighschool. Seeing those cosplayers actually inspired me to cosplay,but I was just so poor back then the only thing I could do was toadmire them from a distance. Wahaha... [end reminiscing]

So,after buying Rikki-san's comic and Pasig Issue 16, Liz, me and my Momwere off to Silvercity for HeroCon. Seriously, I could feel my heartpounding so hard against my chest... I could even swear it was climbingup my throat. There was a lump that I can't seem to swallow and it gotdifficult to breathe. We met Arakz, coincidentally, along the sidewalkand dragged her to the washroom where Liz and I changed into ourcostumes. It's thanks to her that I managed to fix everything, havesecond opinion so to speak with regards to my make-up and.. the otherbooster aside from my Mom who cheered me on my cosplay.

The moment I walked out of the washroom, there were crowds of cosplayers getting a bite to eat. A group of Arrancars and Taichouswere dining together it was interesting to watch. When I saw them, thefirst thought that came to mind was, "Ooohh, I belong!" Hehe. Arakz andMarvs were kinda nice to point out that I was the SOLE Urahara Kisukeduring the event... and it somehow made me snicker much. Kidding.Seriously, that had UPLIFTED my spirits and I could feel reiatsuflowing out of my system (but I still need to work on my poses andcostume and expressions)!

I had half a sandwhich as my lunch. Idid not understand why my stomach seemed to not tolerate the remainingpiece, but I gave up the urge to try and finish the rest. Arakz, Marvs,Mikatana and me have only gone a few steps when someone tapped myshoulder and asked for my picture--I was caught off guard andimmediately, my heart raced again. She took a picture of me with herlittle brother and then it was done. Haha! Marvs was..erm.. kind enoughto say, "Dito pa lang meron na ah!" while laughing. Weeeell, I suppose that means I should be ready anytime.

Movingon, there were a lot of people when we went in, and we've only gone afew steps when people started tapping my shoulder or waving in front ofme. There was even this cosplayer who was apparently ecstatic when shesaw me and she exclaimed, "I so like this character!!!"and nearly glomped me. I was unsure though, whether she knew I was afemale, hehe.. But the thing is that it was just so FUN!!!

I was also able to meet Vampire Prince who's just so nice. Pity, I didn't have much chance to talk to him. Gah, next time, I'm gonna take your picture! I love your VK aura~Hahaha!!! I missed Marky as Akazukin Chacha, but I didn't know untilthis morning that he was the Yellow Ranger!

Liz was nowhere tobe seen when we went in, but as we made our way through people, we werefinally able to see her and her cousin, Kimay. We tried different posesand it was only with Liz that I was able to do some un-Urahara (ormaybe some very Urahara-like) poses. Haha, we were just laughing sooooohard after the stunts we did.

(Okay, have you noticed how disorganized this entry is? My head's in the clouds..)

SinceI'm starting to get tired, it's time to end this post. After the tiringyet enjoyable experience yesterday, I feel satisfied. I know I shouldhave been more assertive, so to speak, but then my reiatsu was runningout by the end of the cosplay catwalk and running around here and therejust to take pictures of the cosplayers and hunting for those we wanteda picture of/with.


That was yet another unforgettable experience that I will treasure for the rest of my life.

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