aruki (aruki) wrote,

Another Piece.


I dressed up, fixed my hair, applied make-up.
I walked with head held high though embarrassment was painted on my soul.
I spoke animatedly hoping to wash away the uneasiness that threatens to show.
I acted as though I were a Majesty who was to show up in front of those people and accept the crown.
And you were my King.

I took a shot, squeezed my eyes as I tasted the bitter fluid,
The concoction almost intolerable,
The very tool used to inject courage in my wavering heart.
I clenched my fist and waited for a chance in bated breath.
I waited in bated breath.

But as reality showed its face upon me,
Bared its fangs against the alabaster skin,
Struck down its enemy, the Fantasy,
Everything went to a big blur.
Nothing remained still, nothing stayed lucid.

Perhaps there weren't enough ounce of courage for me to use.
There wasn't enough opportunity to let a simple plan be set into motion.
Perhaps the flashing cameras were a bunch of distractions,
The lenses focusing on the exterior rather than the one Beyond.
And I only wanted one thing----

May I have the second button of your shirt?

-aruki, 020709; 11:59 pm

(A/N: Haha, just thought of this piece in a flash. Something happened last week and well, that inspired me to just put the thought into words. Half of this is based on experience though; half is bluff. Yeah. Pardon the utterly lame wordings--haven't written something in so long, that's why.)

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