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I've been listening to Plastic Tree for quite some time now, only stopped to listen to the GazettE during the Orals IntegWeek to the Finals. Anyway, what captivated me to the band was none other than the different kind of music and of course, it's vocalist. I am talking about Arimura Ryutarou. Perhaps I was so engrossed about their music and him, of course, that I thought of cosplaying him, and it must have been the gods' will that I do so during the AME 8th Avenue: Taking the Streets of Harajuku.

I had been thinking of how to start with the costume that I've seen from a fansite. I did have a difficult time gathering materials and envisioning the whole of the costume since the pictures available weren't able to show the full details of the clothes and their style. Half of the design was guesswork and added ideas from this head. It was also that time when I had my three-day make-up duty at the ER so, as had mentioned in my blog, I was three days late from preparing the costume. And so, I crammed.

It's all thanks to my Mom who still went with me to DV just to look for fabric for two of my cosplay plans; who still supported me all the way. My Dad, too. (Seriously, he was all "good luck" and "have fun on your big day" whenever we talked, haha!) THANKS GUYS--YOU ARE THE BEST.

Anyway, the accessories were tricky, as well as the hairstyle. I struggled to look for an appropriate wig, but since I was just too starstruck with the TuxTeam as they discussed the different styles of wigs during Cosplay Mania, I did have a difficult time looking for one. But it was so last minute that I kinda just stuck with this cheap one and styled it on my own only to find it became too short (well, it was short in the first place). I had to do some changes and dropped the idea of buying another wig. Luckily I was able to at least get half of it and managed to make it look fluffier. The accessories, on the other hand, were all handmade and done just two days before the event, which kind of explains the lame quality and.. well, utter imperfection. The brooch-like thing on my collar is crap when looked up close. But gah, people didn't seem to care and I'm fine with that. Haha!

I now go to the really different and overwhelming experience during the event. I was cramming for my costume seven hours prior to AME 8th Avenue, so I had to leave the house at about one in the afternoon. My mom was kind of against me walking out in the streets with that wig and my coat on. But I reasoned out that the wig won't be spiky anymore if I pack it and wear it there. Luckily, it was drizzling when I was about to leave so I had to don the coat. What I didn't do before taking off was applying full make-up. She's afraid people will gawk at me and look at me as if I'm a monster. I suppose what she meant was that I shouldn't try to attract more attention than I did with the "weird" outfit I wore as I went of the house. Well, she's right. I did attract too much attention with the whole suit and my spikey-hair with highlights, thanks. Like I said to LIZ as I texted her, "people here are gaping at me like I'm some lunatic". And I was serious about it, too. No, really, they have this what's-wrong-with-this-person-and-what-in-the-world-is-she-or-he-thinking-walking-in-broad-daylight-with-that look that makes me want to say, "WEEEEEEELL, SORRY, YOU DON'T KNOW WHO I AM AND I DON'T CARE WHAT YOU THINK--I'M HAPPY WITH IT. IT'S NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS, SO JUST SHUT UP" and then pluck their eyes out.

Oops, sorry. For a moment there, I thought I was morbid.

If truth be told, I was nervous enough to actually get a severe anxiety bordering panic attack walking with my full costume on. It was my first time and I didn't know how to act. But once I got the hang of it, it was fine, although I still had that inexplicable tachycardia and palpitations from time to time.

I didn't actually expect people to take pictures of me, but what nearly made my nose bleed from so much exposure was the overwhelming number of people who took my pictures! I was really caught off-guard because I didn't know how to actually act or even pose in front of these people. There were no variations to poses or whatever because I wasn't able to rehearse or something like that due to lack of sleep and incomplete information, but still.... let's just say I still had fun. I was pretty careful not to laugh too much for the fear of ruining my-slash-Ryuutarou's character, so I suppose I looked really really snob. But Liz and her antics made me laugh too much, I can't help it! Haha!

Oh, one thing I can't get over with while Liz and I were scouting for cosplayers to take pictures with was this really out of character gesture I did. We were able to spot the Dark Magician Girl who's actually a guy (Markee's the name, if I'm not mistaken and he's purtyyyyy). He's quite known for being the Akazukin Chacha. So, after we got our pictures taken together from so many people, I thanked him by shaking his hand. And then--I suppose it was adrenaline acting--I kissed him on the cheek without thinking! I was surprised myself and Liz had been really laughing hard about what I did. Seriously, there were like ten or more people around us still taking pictures and then I did that! Oh, the taint on Ryuutarou's name! I must now DIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! I didn't catch his reaction, but I assume he's as surprised as I had been.

(Liz had been very kind to share her sentiments about not being able to capture that action.)

Oh, I remember spotting a Ryuk cosplayer who was holding this apple, and I just had to have my picture with him! Funny thing was that, as Liz shared after the tons of people taking shots, some of those people thought I WAS Light. Oh, come on, people--do you think Light would don clothes as I did and have that weird make-up on? Seriously, you should have your eyes checked...

And one other thing that made me real happy aside from people showing their appreciation on my costume and character (despite the nagging thought that they DON'T have ANY idea as to whom I'm cosplaying as) through taking pictures of me, was that I was able to have--FINALLY--a picture with Kat-san! And Charmie-san! And Isa-san! And Tracy-san! Wee!!! *cartwheels* Liz was kind of egging me on inside the booth to take pictures with the rest of the TuxTeam, but I was really burning with shame right then and there! As I said as I finally convinced her to leave, "Gusto ko nang matunaw sa hiyaaaaaaa." and covered my face with the paperbag on my hand. AS COMPENSATION, I WILL FINISH THE GIFT ART ALREADY AND GIVE IT TO THEM NEXT CON! I'M GONNA DITCH SCHOOL IF I HAVE TO!

RANDOM THOUGHT: TuxTeam's group cosplay is WIN!!!!!! I don't think Ryuutarou would be able to hold back his laughter if he's seen that. It was made of pure WIIIIIIIN!!!!

We were thinking of leaving right after having their pictures taken, but I promised Natsumi-chan I'll watch her catwalk, so we stayed until it was finished. SERIOUSLY NATSUMI-CHAN YOUR GET-UP ROCKS AND I JUST WANT TO GLOMP YOU IF I WEREN'T THERE AS RYUUTAROU

Anyway, all's well that ends well. I had a great time, all thanks to Liz who kept me company throughout the event. Thanks dude! See you at school! Yuki-chan! I wasn't able to get many pictures of the TuxTeam--I have such a loser camera, the battery's about to run out with just wrong move!

I'm gonna wrap this by: I'M COSPLAYING RYUUTAROU, NOT L, NOT LIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!

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